Fr Joseph Maloui, CM

Lazarist priest in Damascus from the Congregation of the Mission. Since 1940, has been teaching at the Lazarist college of Bab Touma in Damascus. Recognized for his integrity and his strictness by the thousands of his former students.

Has been a privileged witness since the first hours of the apparitions and the signs which manifested themselves in Soufanieh. Has faithfully transcribed the messages. Has observed and noted meticulously everything that was happening in the house of Soufanieh which he practically never left. Has ensured an impartial analysis of the events. Faithful witness of these events, he is also the spiritual guide of Myrna as well as the guide of all the pilgrims who visit the house.

To quote his own words: "I have let myself be caught totally (body and soul) by the phenomenon of Soufanieh."

He experienced a completely unforeseen event: he received a message from the Holy Virgin Mary, in an answer to a question he had asked while praying: "Holy Virgin, enlighten us, so as to avoid making a mistake which could prejudice Your programme." The answer was given to him a few minutes later in a message dated February 21st, 1983: "God saves me, Jesus enlightens me, the Holy Spirit is my life, this is why I fear nothing, isn't that so, My son Joseph ?"

He died on March 5th, 2000.




Fr Elias Zahlaoui

He is born in Damascus in 1932. Studies at the Greek-Melkite Catholic seminary of Ste-Anne in Jerusalem. Has joined the Prado Community, in Lyon, France (a community of priests founded by the blessed father Antoine Chevrier and who live together to service the disinherited).

Ordained in Damascus in July 1959, he devotes himself to university youth and teaches at the Damascus university.

Parish priest of Our Lady of Damascus since 1977, he is the founder of a choir named "Choeur-Joie" which gathers over 450 members belonging to all the Christian communities.

Author of several books, he has written a "SOUFANIEH" monography as well as meditations regarding the messages and entitled "REMEMBER GOD".

Privileged witness since the beginning, he has accompanied Myrna and Nicolas and has assumed an almost constant presence during the events of Our Lady of Soufanieh.

Intrepid spokesman, well-known for his search for the truth, his integrity, his spirit of poverty and abnegation.

He is an apostle, inhabited, illuminated and set ablaze by Jesus crucified, as well as the witness of a life transfigured by grace, the existence of which is constantly under the protective eye of the Virgin Mary who has shown him her tenderness and blessed his mission, with a personal message received by Myrna in december 1982 which says:

"My son Elias, carry on your work of spreading the faith.
I, myself, have lifted you up from the ailing bed, and I made you leave your church to come and serve Me here.
You are an apostle. You are good.
I, myself, am aware of your long struggle since the holy month of July.
I know you struggle with yourself and with all those who surround you and especially with your church and the other churches.
You are an apostle. You are good.
The unity which you are seeking will happen."

Some of his works (in several languages)...


Fr Paul Fadel

Although he was involved with Soufanieh late, he became one of the first. He did not come to Soufanieh until nearly four years after its outbreak. He is a young Paulist priest, whose assiduity I have noticed for some time. One day, I asked him the reason of his presence and he replied: "I said to myself, although having seen so many people praying there for almost four years, surely it is a sign that something extraordinary has happened in this ordinary house ".

Since that day, Father Paul has been regularly noticed by his prayerful and calm presence, to the point that he became, day after day, a member of the Soufanieh family. I felt with Father Malouli, the importance of his presence, so that when he began to record his observations during the ecstasies and the messages that Myrna received, it seemed to Father Malouli and to myself, that Father Paul assumes a role that was prepared for him, without affectation and without pretension.

We can see a normal and organized ascencion at the same time, in the accession of Father Paul to the circle of life of Soufanieh, to the point that he has become an essential part of it.

First there is his prayerful presence, in calmness and silence, then his presence in public prayer, preparing it and directing it. There is also his presence as a witness to important facts, such as the exudation of oil, at night or at dawn, from the Icon, as well as the opening of wounds in Myrna's body. He must be also noted about his serene and gentle presence during some delicate discussions between priests.

All this earned him the deep trust of the whole family of Soufanieh, especially Myrna, just as it earned him the respect and love of the visitors of Soufanieh, Arabs or foreigners. Finally, following the death of Father Malouli, Myrna asked him to be her spiritual director. One evening, while he was praying alone with Myrna in her room, the oil made its appearance on the image that Myrna held in her hand and that she wanted to offer him.

This "sign" given to Father Boulos rejoices me, because I have been saying for several months to this young priest my conviction that he will have to go a long way with Soufanieh.

He published an article in the magazine "Al-Maçarrat" (January - February 1989), in which he presented a clear and rigorous document related to the main facts and Messages of Soufanieh.

(Fr Elias Zahlaoui)