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Father Joseph Malouli's last Will

I. Spiritual Section

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit;

I hereby declare that I shall die in the integral faith of Saint Peter's successor.

Consequently, I forgive wholeheartedly to whomever -cleric or laity- who, willfully or unintentionnlly has caused me any pain and I beg forgiveness:

1) From my fellow colleagues, alive or dead, for any grief, which my attitude, my comments or my relationship with them may have caused them.  I thank my colleagues for all the help they gave me, thus enabling me to accomplish my job.  And now that I have become more or less disabled, I wish to specifically thank fathers Joseph Ibrahim, Joseph Khabsa, Paul Sleiman and Leba Assaf for their care and tactfulnesss which I did not deserve.  May God Himself be their reward.

2) I beg forgiveness from all my old pupils for the excessive severity with which I have sometimes dealt with them.  My manner may have been inadequate but my love for them was always sincere.  I thank them for the affection they always granted me.  More than ever, may they remember me in their prayers.

3) I beg forgiveness from the old Jecists (Christian sudent youth) and Jocists (Christian workers youth) as well as from the scouts and guides for everything I should have done for them and which I have not.  May they remember me in their prayers.

4) I wish to thank the spiritual family of Soufanieh, specifically Myrna, Nicolas and aunt Alice.  I beg their forgiveness for the trouble I may have caused them through my long and assiduous presence in their home.  I thank the worshippers at Soufanieh for having accepted me the way I am.  May they, on the day of my death, add my name to the ones they already pray for.  Please ask the students of Lourdes to pray for me.

II. Material Section

I do not own anything.  ---  I do not owe anything to anybody.  --- Nobody ows me anything

III. Funeral

I am content STRICTLY and exclusively with the presence of my colleagues of my Damascus community.  It is therefore UNNECESSARY to disturb the other colleagues.  Let the latter pray for me wherever they are.  I absolutely REFUSE any speech, sermon, homily, panegyric, funeral orations, etc... during and AFTER my funeral.  God alone knows me and everything else is just a waste of time and gossip.  If one loves me, let him pray for me, that's all.

Written in Damascus, with all lucitidy of mind, on February 8th, 1998.

Signed:   Joseph Malouli

[this is a translation of the original french document]