24ème Anniversaire de Notre-Dame-de-Soufanieh - 24th Anniversary of Our Lady of Soufanieh
Catholiques et Orthodoxes construisent une église commune en Syrie: Saints Pierre et Paul
Catholics and Orthodox build a common church in Syria: Saints Peter and Paul
Article: Divine Presence

Syria is a country of religions coexistence, says Nuncio in talks with Syrian authorities

DAMASCUS, May 23 (CNA) - Yesterday, the Apostolic Nuncio in Syria Giovanni Battista Morandini, met with the Minister of Religious Affairs Ziad al-Din al-Ayoubi on ways of developing joint cooperation between Syria and the Vatican. For his part, the Nuncio underlined clergymen's role in spreading culture of amity and peace all over the world. The story is reported by the Syrian-Arab news agency. The Nuncio wished to stress that Syria is a country of religious coexistence, “Everyone has ever visited or lived in Syria, definitely will know that she is the country of religions coexistence," he said, encouraging all people to visit Syria. "When coming here they will change their ex-viewpoints and realize that they will live in peace, security and Islamic-Christian coexistence with the hospitable Syrian people," he added. On the other hand, the minister said, "it is important to boost dialogue culture among people and religions in order to realize the international peace," He pointed out to the great suffering the Palestinian people has been undergoing because of the Zionist racial aggressive practices against them.


New book - Translation from the original French published in 1988

Nazzour family (Nicolas, Myrna, Myriam & John-Emmanual) visit to Canada - April 2006 - Easter Week.
Visite de la famille Nazzour (Nicolas, Myrna, Myriam et Jean-Emmanuel) au Canada - Avril 2006 - Semaine sainte

Circulaire de Soufanieh - Père Élias Zahlaoui - Couvrant les années 2002-2003

Circulaire de Soufanieh - Père Élias Zahlaoui - Couvrant les années 2002-2006


Extraits du livre de Jean-Claude Antakly "Itinéraire d'un chrétien d'Orient"


Myrna in Europe


Prière 'Bien-aimé Jésus' en LATIN