Are Myrna Nazzour's stigmata a miracle from God?
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Her stigmata started in the head in 2001 just started to bleed and then continued to bleed while filming was done. From TV3.

TV3 sent on 16 september 2004 a programme on Myrna Nazzour. She is a Catholic woman who lives in a small house in Damascus with his Orthodox husband Nicolas and their two children. Over the past 20 years, she has been stigmatised six times. Stigmata means that at certain times may Christ bleeding wounds on different areas of the body. Myrna usually get them on their feet, on the hands, on her side, and on the forehead. In 2001, she got them in all these places. Gabriel Berberian who is the chairman of the Association of Notre-Dame in Montreal was present and filmed the stigmata. He is convinced that it was a miracle. Here you can see past pictures of the stigmatas.

Myrna was stigmatised only at those times (except for the first time it happened on Friday the 25th november 1983), when the Catholic and Orthodox Easter coincide because the churches have different calendars for this. There is therefore a force behind these happenings. And that is what is the underlying message to the Catholic and Orthodox Church in the Middle East, that we should unite and celebrate Easter during the same time. She has therefore become stigmatised on Holy Thursday in 1984, 1987, 1990, 2001 and 2004. In 2004, she recevied a wound that was 34 mm in length on the left side in the left chest .

In 2004, the wound in the side, the only stigmata she received. From TV3.

In 1984 the wound on the side was 10 cm deep, but had heeled 23.00 in the evening, but that there was a scar left. The wounds will always suddenly and disappear just as suddenly! Seven to eight hours after the stigma often seen nothing, with no exceptions.

It all started on 22 november 1982, when oil first flowed from her hands. She was 18 years old and a bride of six months. Together with an Orthodox and a Muslim woman she prayed for his sister-in-law Layla. The Muslim woman saw the light came from her hands and then oil. When she was at the request of the Muslim woman, Myrna annointed Layla's back and she was immediately healed. On 25 november became her mother healed in the same way.

An 8 cm tall icon of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus that had been purchased in Bulgaria started on 27 november 1982 from the seabed to exsude oil, a plate filled the first time of oil from the Icon. At the same time, oil appeared on Myrna hands. In total, it is felt that the coming six kilograms (66 litres) of oil from the picture! On 19 december became a paralyzed 9-year-old boy healed. He had never been able to go, now could he do it. Oil has also flowed from many of the hundreds of copies made by this icon, and spread out over the world.

The fact that there are strange things about icons, however, is not new on this site. In 1977, the statue Our Lady of Fatima in the Catholic Church to cry, and large numbers of people gathered.

On 24 March 1983 was Myrna a revelation of the "Virgin Mary". Maria appeared in blue and white with rosenkransen in his right hand and a crucifix that was hanging down, and gave her a message that Jesus want a united church. The church is the kingdom of God on earth. Anyone in history shared the church committed a sin.

When Myrna, 25 november 1983 had stigmata first time, it was the home packed with clergy from various churches, Syrian Catholic, Roman Catholic, Romanian Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Assyrian and others Oil flowed from both her hands and icon. The blood came from her side and then from her hands and feet. After six hours, ending the wounds bleed and disappeared by themselves. During the next year pouring oil many times during visits by people from almost every kind of religion, but not when the Protestants were present! Oil flowed even from the Sacred Heart image on festdagen of the Sacred heart.

Ikondyrkan, Mariauppenbarelser, Sacred heart images are religious superstition, which is florerar in these old church traditions. Therefore broke Evangelical Protestant Christianity with such, and the "Virgin Mary" message that it would have been a shame to the church by including Luther broke with the old church just shows that there is a andemakt behind, and again want to unite all churches in this old mistake. Unfortunately, many Protestant Christians who do not understand this, and I believe that during these come from God. The fact that people are healed does not mean either that healing must come from God, even Satan can the whole people.

The 6 november 1984 flowed oil from Mirna hands and the icon when she had a visit from the Vatican's ambassador Nicolas Rotunno. During the night between Friday and Easter will come from oil icon, and on Easter to oil flow from Myrna face and hands. In 2004, became the face and hands just glossy of the oil. See the picture below.

From TV3.

1987, she received the following message of "Jesus" on Maria: "My daughter, she is my mother from whom I was born. Anyone who honours her honours me. Those who deny her, deny me and the person who asks her if any, may, because she is my mother. " The riktige Jesus would never make such a thing! One objective of stigma is to cultivate Maria-worship, at the expense of worship, which only belongs to God and Jesus Christ.

Personally Myrna says that these are for her happiness and comfort wounds, no pain, even if she has pain during the event. During the stigma she may also message to convey. 2004, warned "Jesus" people of the Middle East to Western values.

Two non-believers gives the following explanation: Antoon Geels is a professor of religionspsykologi. He believes that there are psychological factors and gives the example of the existence that a woman can show signs of pregnancy, although there was no pregnancy. Dan Larhammar is a professor of molecular cell biology and a known atheist debater. He believes that there may be blood vessels that spontaneously start to bleed, and his judgement is that it is about religious fanaticism.

The Catholic theologian Niels Christian Hvidt, who travel around and speak about Catholic miracle believe it is God acting. The bishop of the Catholic Church in Sweden, Anders Arborelius, believe it is because of a deep solidarity with the suffering of Christ as stigmatapersoner become part of Christ's suffering.

The Catholic Church's bishop of Sweden, Anders Arborelius, believe that it is God who is behind stigmatafenomenet. From TV3.

On the spot to investigate the stigma Easter 2004, there were a Scandinavian team of three Norwegian doctors, two medical engineers from Glasgow and theologian Niels Christian Hvidt. Leader of the group was Knut Kvernebo who is a professor of cardiac surgery. He was the programme director after day in Damascus question whether there was a genuine stigmata? And he replies: "Surely it can neither you nor I give a good answer."

Erik Häggblad are medical ingenjörsstudent from Linköping University, and he says that Mirna seems to be an open, normal and nice person. He has not seen so much of what happened and can not say much. Professor Göran Salerud from Linköping University think they have been well received. What struck him, Myrna gave so much of himself to so many others.

Programme Manager Paolo Roberto asking himself the question at the end of the program: "Do we have seen a miracle?" And answers: "I do not know. I think that it is ultimately a matter of faith."

It is not just about faith, it is about spiritual realities, although they do not come from God. The first person to stigmatise was Francis. How did he like his stigma? Both Francis and the famous Padre Pio was stigmatised in connection with the honourable the Archangel Michael. They agreed therefore to the ängladyrkan which is an unhealthy aberration of Christian faith. I think that this is what is the key to stigmatiseringsfenomenet - the combination of ängladyrkan, ikondyrkan, Mariadyrkan and an unhealthy attitude towards disease in the sense that these people can see sjukdomslidandet as something that God wants for their weekend and that a pardon to participate in the same sufferings that Christ had and for the same purpose - the reconciliation of the sins committed endlessly in the world. As has been taken on the mantle of themselves to be in a position of Christ, which no human being can be. It is blasfemi.

Eucharist is the Catholic faith in a bloodless repetition of Golgataoffret. Then there is not much to it might also believe that Christ's wounds can go repeated by people who become stigmatised. There is, therefore, very unhealthy things in the Catholic faith, and this means that it is not from God that these wounds will, even if it, so to speak, will be a replay of Christ's wounds that these people say they have received. The people themselves are highly pious people who are, in turn, which they believe genuine "Christian" faith seriously does not change that it is all a mediumistiskt occult phenomena. True Evangelical Christianity described in the New Testament has nothing to do with this form of religious practice to do. The spiritual gifts that Paul lists as the Holy Spirit manifestations does not work in this way. They are not in this form of church traditions. Instead diversion phenomenon occurs around the icons and the phenomenon that is repeated at specified times. Feed information that wrongly believe comes from the divine side.

John Lundberg