Greek-Catholic Bishopric

Lattakieh, Syria


Safita, 27/1/1982


To your Highness, our Father Patriarch Maximos Hakim


Father Zahlaoui has submitted to us the project of the unification of the Easter Feast as per the Oriental calendar, and this after your approval for such unification.

I would wish, the same as the priests of the Episcopal Council wish it, that this blessed endeavour be fulfilled, in the hope of seeing the accomplishment of our desire of One united Church and of which the Easter Feast would become the symbol of our common faith instead of becoming, as is the case now, a symbol of our division.

Please accept our distinguished wishes

Bishop Michel Yatim
President of the Bishops of Lattakieh and its surroundings for the Greek-Catholics

Follow the signatures of Dionysios Gaith
(Metropolitan of Homs, Hama, Yabroud)

and of another bishop Nicolas

(Metropolitan of Bosrah)

Call for the unification of the glorious Easter Feast

Based on our faith on one Christ, and in view of realizing one United Church, we call, we the laity believers in Christ, all the spiritual leaders, Patriarchs and Bishops, to answer our pressing desire of adopting the Oriental calendar, so that we could celebrate the glorious Feast of Easter together, in order that the latter becomes a symbol of unity of our faith, rather that it remains, as is the case presently, a symbol of our division.