In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, One God, Amen.

To brother Richard,

To the one whom God has chosen to spread the good news in His name. Do you think you want to realize anything yourself? No, it is all by His Will.

I am a simple girl. My mission is to pass God's message to the people. It doesn't concern me whether they believe [or not], because their faith reflects on themselves, but I feel happy because, with God's power, I remove the dust from the eyes of stupid people who don't appreciate God's power except when they need it.

I used to be stupid like them. I knew that God existed, but I didn't know the extent of His power on people. I used to fear Him because people made me fear Him. After this experience, I am no longer afraid of God, because God is merciful and full of charity. I fear people because they distance me from God with their demands. I am afraid of losing my humility and simplicity because of them, and if I lose my humility, then I have lost my life, and my life is Christ.

I would like to clarify something about this phenomenon. Until now, I know nothing. Only God alone knows everything. Why He chose me, I don't know. Why a married woman living with her husband and her children, also I don't know. Why in this house and not in church [the place worthy of Christ], also I don't know. But if I knew all this, my power would have been so great as to equal God's power, but this is impossible because God's mystery is deep. No matter how strong our knowledge is, we cannot get to know God truly, as He knows us.

If this phenomenon is false and of people's doing, why should I get involved rashly and destroy my own house ? At the beginning of the phenomenon I was a new bride, and life offered me big opportunities to enjoy myself because my husband, Nicolas, loves life and enjoys it, and so do I. Life is beautiful without Christ because you don't have to give an account of your actions to anyone. This is in this life, but not in the life to come.

But with our knowledge of Christ, our life has changed. It became clear that life with Christ is more beautiful, although there are difficulties because God's way is difficult. But with God's power we can bear our daily cross and with real happiness. Our happiness was false. It was acting and pretense. Now it has become an inner joy. Christ has moved into us and into our hearts. Our joy is God's love for us, our love for Him and our truthfulness to Him.

If this phenomenon is, however, of Satan, then I welcome him. This means Satan has repented, since he allows us to pray in the name of God for seven years untiringly and without boredom. As to those who say that I am married, and this is a shame because God chooses unmarried girls and often nuns, I say that if my marriage is a shame, then our faith is false. As my husband and I are one body in marriage, attuned together, so we are all one body in Christ, but not all attuned together. As for unity, it can only be achieved through prayer. What God is asking of us is difficult. It won't come about unless the big ones give up their seats, their haughtiness, and their greed. God is able to unify us in His own way, but He wants this from us to discover the extent of our love for Him. He sacrificed His life on the cross for our sake, while we only love Him when He gives us what we ask of Him.

As I said above, I was stupid to love the many feasts of Christ recurring a number of times, but now I have some awareness. I know that Christ is one in all of us, as we should be one in Him. As Jesus said to Peter, "You are the rock on which I shall build my Church", here He comes again to tell us that we are His Church: "You are my Church, and your heart is mine." We have to understand what He wants and do it. With faith and prayer, people must become aware of the truth and know that whoever divided us has been punished by God, and we should put right this immense wrongdoing against Christ. We should not continue in it.

Would unity fulfill what Jesus Christ has asked of us? From my point of view, unity will not be achieved unless we unify our hearts and plant peace, love and faith in them. This peace can only be through the one Christ. We must therefore, pray to God with insistence to put peace in our hearts

and to remove hatred and selfishness from the hearts of His children, who are only His when in need and who sell Him off when He needs them.

But if we love each other as Christ has asked us to do, then His will be done, and we shall gather all the churches in one Church, called God's one house, and we shall all meet under one roof- God willing.

When will this be accomplished? I don't know, because I live in time, and God has no time. But to go on in our sin [division] is horrible and unjust to us and to Christ.