The oil is a sign of abundance, of joy. It purifies and soothes. It is the sign of healing and comforting. It strengthens and brings out the light. Oil is the pre-eminent sacred sign. It is synonymous with and the symbol of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Chrism - used in the ointing of which is the sacramental sign and seal of the Holy Spirit, it is used during baptism, confirmation, ailment and ordination.
Oil exudes from Myrna during prayers or while speaking about the phenomenon or during ecstasy.

Oil flows on Myrna's hands, face, neck, eyes, stomach (3rd day of a triduum of absolute fasting, November 26th - 29th, 1984), feet (once).

Oil flows from people's hands outside the family and Syria but always in relation to the phenomenon of Our Lady of Soufanieh.

When the blue Icon (the distinction is based on the color of clothes of the Virgin) is transferred in triumph to the Byzantine Greek-Orthodox church of the Holy Cross (approx 500 meters/yards from their house) on Sunday, January 9th, 1983, it ceases to exude oil and it is replaced by the purple copy of the Icon starting January 17th, 1983. Oil flows on more than a thousand photographic reproductions of the icon. It gushes out of the ground of the terrace at the place where the Holy Virgin has appeared. It flows from a three dimensional painting of the Holy Virgin; a prayer book; the wall behind which a niche is placed, under key, the blue Icon; from the panes closing the 2 niches (the one in the entrance and the one in the hall); from the cotton inside a box destined to be distributed to sick people; a medal carried around the neck of Myrna, etc...