The stigmata phenomenon manifests itself within the stigmatized person with the opening, in her / his body, of wounds (stigma) reminiscent of the five wounds of Christ, plus the crown of thorns. The wounds do not suppurate and the blood is pure. The stigmatization is accompanied with intense physical and moral suffering. It happens generally during the day, in remembrance of the Passion of Christ. 
The first time they appeared, they were preceded by various symptoms: 
- appearance of a sort of callosity in the middle of her palms, opening of the wound on her left side a few days before the simultaneous opening of the five wounds, etc... Having opened on the afternoon of Friday November 25th, 1983, the wounds are totally healed around 23:00 without leaving a scar. The wound of her left side was small, it measured a maximum of 1.5 cm (about half an inch). Eight physicians have seen the stigmata, while some of them have felt them.
The second occurrence of the stigmata appeared suddenly on Good Thursday, April 19th, 1984 at 15:30. The wound of her side was deep. Father Malouli measured it: 10 cm (four inches). Someone advised Nicolas to take his wife to the hospital to stitch the side wound. His reply came loud and clear: "He who has opened the wounds, will close them". Around 23:00 hours, all wounds were totally closed without leaving a scar. 
The third occurrence of the stigmata appeared on Good Thursday, April 16th, 1987 in the presence of fathers Elias Zahlaoui and Joseph Malouli who have seen the first drops of blood spurt out from Myrna's forehead where a wound opened for the first time. The wound of the side measured 12 cm (4.75 inches). A French biologist, Mrs. Geneviève Antakly measured it, she calls it a scratch. This wound was open approximately ten minutes after the others and the following day it was totally closed: the two surgeons on-site have not touched them. The other wounds that were submitted to tests have taken several days to heal. Wounds on the forehead, hands and feet were healed without any treatment nor bandages. One has never used any disinfectant to clean the marks of the wounds.

Archbishop Mgr Stephanos Haddad, Greek-Orthodox, has seen the first stigmata. He remained approximately one hour beside Myrna. The Syrian-Catholic Archbishop, Mgr Joseph Mounayer has witnessed the presence of the second stigmata. 
Father Nicholas Baalbaki, surgeon and Greek-Orthodox priest has seen and touched the third stigmata. After the opening of the third stigmata, two French biologists Geneviève and her husband Jean-Claude Antakly as well as two surgeons Louis Kawa and George Mesmar, were present. With the exception of the stigmata on friday November 25th, 1983 (1st anniversary), it was noticed that the stigmata open only when Catholic and Orthodox celebrate Easter together. The other years, nothing happens, not even a droplet of oil, neither during the Catholic Easter nor during the Orthodox one. 

On Good Thursday 1990, the stigmata opened in three stages: 
at 11:14 the five wounds on the forehead, 
at 13:26 the wounds on the hands and feet, 
at 13:31 the side wound that measured 12 cm (4.75 inches).
The fourth occurrence of the stigmata appeared on Good Thursday, April 12th, 2001 in the presence of fathers Elias Zahlaoui, Boulos Fadel, Antoine Mousleh, Jean-Pierre Devedeux and Fadi Tabet.   The wound of the side measured 12 cm (4.75 inches). 
The fifth occurrence of the stigmata appeared on Good Thursday, April 8th, 2004 in the presence of fathers Elias Zahlaoui, Boulos Fadel, Joseph Besnier, Nicolas Bustros, Louis-René Gagnon and Adel T. Khoury.  The wound of the side measured 3.5 cm (1.5 inches). Results of the medical analysis.
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