The stigmatist and visionary of Soufanieh - Damascus, Syria

(from November 22nd , 1982)
All locations are in Syria except where noted.

One of the Messages of the Virgin Mary confided to Myrna on November 26th , 1990:


'...As to the oil, it will continue to appear on your hands for the glorification of My Son Jesus, whenever He wants it and wherever you go, because We are with you and with whoever wishes that the Feast (of Easter) is unified.'


The oil is a sign of abundance, of joy. It purifies and soothes. It is the sign of healing of combat and comforting. It strengthens and brings out the light. Oil is the pre-eminent sacred sign. It is synonymous with and the symbol of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Chrism - used in the ointing of which is the sacramental sign and seal of the Holy Spirit, it is used during baptism, confirmation, ailment and ordination.


So far, thirty-four (37) ecstasies (until April 10th, 2004) have been  documented, eight (8) of which were outside Damascus.  In general, during these ecstasies, Myrna sees the Holy Virgin, or Jesus Christ.  Usually the ecstasy is preceded by an exudation of oil from the hands, face or neck of Myrna. When she is about to see Jesus Christ, oil comes out also through her eyes and burns them before she goes into ecstasy. This stage is followed by the ecstasy itself, that is to say the state of disconnexion with the external world. During this phase Myrna does not see, hear, nor feel. Her body is stiff. She sees Jesus Christ in the form of a Person made up of light without distinguishing His face, which is not the case with the Holy Virgin Mary. After having seen Jesus Christ, she returns to her normal state, and she takes time to recover her normal sight: her interior light prevents her from seeing anything. She has remained in this state during 72 consecutive hours, from November 26th till the 29th, 1984 inclusive. Often, one to four physicians would be present during the ecstasies. A number of medical tests have been undertaken mainly on her sight, sensitivity and reflexes: all were negative. Besides the first two ecstasies of Monday October 24th, 1983, which have not been timed, the duration of the other ecstasies has varied between 5 and 75 minutes. Most of these ecstasies have been recorded on videotapes. These ecstasies were accompanied most of the time with messages summarizing the important Christian realities: The trinity, the Incarnation, Divine Paternity, the mediation of the Virgin Mary, deserving the Kingdom of Heaven, repentance to the Lord, the necessity of constant prayer and fasting, the sanctity of marriage, a pressing appeal for the unity of the church and the role of the laity in the work of unity.



100% pure olive oil - fragrant (roses)

Appears in an unforeseeable manner

Appears and disappears without any control nor autosuggestion on behalf of Myrna

Often appears in other people's presence

Appears when Myrna is in a conscious state

Appears during ecstasies when Myrna is to see Jesus or the Virgin Mary

Appears at any time of day or night

Often in relation to the Messages of Soufanieh

Often during religious ceremonies

Disappears when a respectful and a prayerful atmosphere does not exist or does not last

Evaporates very quickly

Does not stain clothing

When it appears, Myrna anoints the forehead of the people present

            - never the clergy, she asks them to anoint themselves

Evaporates when there are no more persons to anoint with the oil on her hands

Some cures occur through this oil

Several spiritual conversions are associated with the oil

Its colour varies from yellow to green

Can appear several times in the same day (6 times in Egypt)

Analysed six times and in different laboratories (in Europe and in Syria)

- all analyses agree: 100% pure olive oil

Thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of video recorded the event without any

restriction whatsoever from anyone and in the presence of everyone 

Several hundreds of written and audio-visual testimonies from laity, members of clergy

and religious are available




During ecstasies.

Oil does not appear below her wrists in spite of the vertical position of the hand when

she anoints the people before her

From the palm of the hand - right or left or both

Sometimes appears on the back of the hand

Very rarely on only three fingers: thumb, index and major

            - right or left hand but not both hands in this way

During private prayer, Myrna and father Elias Zahlaoui

            while praying in front of the Icon, oil appeared bubbling in Myrna’s hands

            that were initially totally dry beforehand - November 28th , 1982

In sufficient quantity to anoint all the people that present themselves before her

            - as many as 5,000 persons; Myrna standing for hours – Australia 1993

Sometimes the oil bubbles in her hands and has a shiny appearance




Once, during the ecstasy of November 26th , 1984




Myrna regurgitated fragrant oil three times and in quantity during the triduum of the sight deviation in November 1984 (three days of total fasting, Myrna's sight was deviated, she could only see religious objects and a strong interior light.  Her only food was the daily Eucharist)




During the triduum

During ecstasies

Sometimes on the anniversary date of the Phenomenon of Soufanieh

 – November 26th





During the triduum

During ecstasies

Sometimes on the anniversary date of the Phenomenon of Soufanieh

In a rectory, with priests and laity -

from a medal of the Virgin Mary around her neck (at Bloudane and Hassake)

During some Eucharistic celebrations, generally during common Holy Week

among Catholics and Orthodox




During the triduum

During ecstasies

Sometimes on the anniversary date of the Phenomenon of Soufanieh

Sometimes, during Eucharistic celebrations, generally during the common

Holy Week among Catholics and Orthodox

During an ecumenical prayer evening in Australia - 1993

During Easter Mass when catholics and orthodox celebrate it at the same date




During the triduum

During the ecstasies when Myrna sees Jesus Christ

Sometimes during the anniversary date of the phenomenon of Soufanieh

Sometimes, during Eucharistic celebrations, generally during the common

Holy Week among Catholics and Orthodox





During the triduum

During  the ecstasies when Myrna sees Jesus Christ

Sometimes on the anniversary date of the Phenomenon of Soufanieh

When bishops of several rites (Catholic:  Archbishop Georges Riachi

 and Orthodox: Archbishop Afram Aboody) participate

to the common prayer -  Australia 1993



Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan

Canada, United States, Australia

France, Belgium, Spain

Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Cyprus

Austria, Switzerland

 Detailed list...


(generally, oil exudes from Myrna’s hands)


While giving her testimony to the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch – Zakka Iwas 1st -Damascus

While giving her testimony to the Coptic Orthodox Patriarch – Shenouda III - Egypt

While giving her testimony to the Coptic Catholic Patriarch – Stephanos I - Egypt

In the presence of the Greek Melkite Catholic Patriarch – Maximos Hakim V

-         during a visit to the United States while visiting Dr Antoine Mansour,

-          in his home, in Los Angeles, CA, May 1st , 1988

During the blessing of a statue of Padre Pio in the centre dedicated to Our Lady of

Soufanieh in Rome (Italy) – “Our Lady of Soufanieh and inter-religious dialogue in the third millennium

– by Archbishop Luigi Accogli (former Apostolic Nuncio of Syria)

in the presence of cardinals and fellow bishops – October 1999

In several Catholic or Orthodox religious institutions in several countries

At the foot of an altar, during an ecstasy in Belgium - 1990

During  Mass (at the church – catholic: Latin, Maronite, Armenian, Melkite, Coptic or Syrian;

    orthodox: Armenian, Greek, Coptic or Syrian; or at Soufanieh)

- during the introit (very rare)

- during communion

- after the communion but before the end of the Mass (very frequent)

- after the Mass, while giving her testimony (very frequent)

- after the Mass, while singing an hymn to the Virgin Mary or to Jesus

- after the Mass, in the presence of several bishops

            and the Apostolic Nuncio of Syria

During a Marian celebration : (at the church or at Soufanieh or with laity)

- during the prayer of the rosary

- while singing

- while giving her testimony

While distributing pictures of Our Lady of Soufanieh – Montreal 1993, Australia 1993

During a meal – at Soufanieh or at friend's house

During thanksgiving prayers

During a vigil of prayer

- at home

- at friend's

- while away from home, in the hosting family

- with people during a retreat in a convent

- with people during a retreat in a church

In monasteries- Vaals, Holland 1999 and Coimbra, Portugal 1999

In the private chapel of the Apostolic Nuncio of Syria

In the private chapel of the former Apostolic Nuncio of Syria – Andrano, Italy 1999

While the Apostolic Nuncio was singing a hymn to the Virgin Mary 

            (on the anniversary date of the Phenomenon at the Maronite Church

            and at Soufanieh)

While listening to a prelate's testimony on Soufanieh

While giving a testimony to a prelate in a rectory

During a televised interview with father Joseph Mouwannes (Lebanon)

During an televised interview accorded to Jewish TV in Australia - 1993

While praying on the tomb of a defunct – Anita Hosvespian, Glendale, CA – USA

            June 1996

During a journey in a car, reminiscing Soufanieh, returning from Khabab

            November 1996

During a journey in a car, on Good Friday between Portugal and Spain

During an ecstasy in a car between Hauran and Damascus

While a lady gave her testimony on her recovery

While holding in her hand a copy of the picture of Our Lady of Soufanieh -

at Soufanieh and abroad

While praying in front of the Miraculous Icon at Soufanieh

While praying with a sick person at Soufanieh or in a hospital

While praying with Moslems

While praying with Jews

While praying in a convent

In the presence of atheists

In the presence of agnostics

In the presence of Protestants

While giving her testimony on the terrace of the Apparitions

During her own birthday

During birthdays: her daughter, her son, her spouse

During several baptisms at Soufanieh – Myriam, her daughter,

Christine, daughter of Dr Riyad Hanna (Germany – 1991)

During a baptism at the church

During a baptism; as soon as Myrna gives back the child to her mother

During a deacon's ordination – Elias Salloum

During a priest's ordination  - Georges Battikha

During a funeral ceremony, while praying on the mortal remains at the home of the

deceased : Mrs Chams Chayeb Barbara & Mr George Bdeoui

During a visit of condolences

During a speech on Christian unity given by a prelate

During the engagement celebration of her family members

During the engagement celebration of friends or strangers, at home or abroad

- Samir Zaher

During the marriage of her family's members

During the marriage of friends or strangers

During the reception ceremony of engagements / marriages / baptisms / funerals

While praying for a sick person in a hospital – father Joseph Malouli – march 2000

During the funerals of father Joseph Malouli – march 2000

During reconciliatory meetings with couples / friends in difficulties

At Christmas

At the eve of the new year

On the new year

While improvising an hymn to the Virgin Mary

During a theological symposium on the Messages of Soufanieh –

Munster, Germany (September 1991) - father Adel Theodore Khoury

In the presence of several physicians of different specialties at Soufanieh,

during ecstasies /  stigmata :

Neurologist: Dr Philippe Loron (France)

Pediatrician: Dr Gamil Margi (Syria)

Surgeons: Dr Antoine Mansour (USA) , Ryad Hanna (Germany) Knut Kvernebo (Norway)

Psychanalyst: Andre Patsalides (Syria)

Psychologist: Bibianne Bucaille de La Rocque (France)

Morphopsychologist : Brigitte Sauvegrain (France)

Psychiatrist: Oivind  Ekeberg (Norway)

Dermatologue: Cato Moerk (Norway)

Professor of medical technology:  Goran Solerud (Sweden)

Pneumologist: Basile Kouchakgi (France)

In the presence of security officers of the Syrian government, accompanied with

            Dr Saliba Abdel Ahad – November 28th, 1982

Before the Syran Minister of Defence:  Moustafa Tlass and his wife

Before the secretary of the Syrian Minister of Defense

Before the minister of the Syrian Presidency: Walid Fadel – August 15th , 1987

On the closing day of the celebrations of the Month of Mary

During some religious feasts - Catholic or Orthodox

            Immaculate Conception, Epiphany, Assumption…

Oil exudes from image(s) that she holds in her hand while her hands remain dry,

or both occasions

During the first secret meeting held with the Apostolic Nuncio of Syria

(Mgr Nicolas Rotunno) at the Petites Soeurs de Foucauld

Follows the rhythm of the liturgical calendar - Catholic or Orthodox -

on the eve of the Feasts

During religious celebrations, in the presence of political personalities, intellectuals,

religious, diplomats, ambassadors, physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, ,  etc…

While giving her testimonial to political personalities, intellectuals, religious,

diplomats, ambassadors, physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, , etc…

In the presence of other visionaries – Sister Lucie -  Coimbra, Portugal - 1999

While singing a hymn to the Virgin Mary, while holding a microphone in her hand

While praying with a Moslem person struck with cancer

While cutting the birthday cake on the anniversary occasion of the

beginning of the Phenomenon

While discussing with friends about how fast the Lord sends the oil

- ‘telefax' – Guy & Mylene Fourmann – 1991 (France)

Sometimes, when the Apostolic Nuncio shakes hands with Myrna at Soufanieh

When the Apostolic Nuncio sings a hymn to the Virgin Mary in Arabic, at Soufanieh,

after a Mass, oil covers Myrna's face and her eyes and finally appears on her hands

November 1997

A Maronite archbishop of Lebanon, while holding Myrna's hands full of oil,

had his own hands covered with oil – Msgr Khalil Abi-Nader

During prayer at the shrine of Our Lady of Mantara (Lebanon), in the presence

            of a very large crowd, presided by the melkite bishop of Sidon,

Msgr George Kwaiter amongst several other priests, of which , the late

Melkite bishop to Canada, Msgr Sleiman El-Hajjar - 1994
During Myrna's testimonial, after the mass, father
Ibrahim Ibrahim, now Melkite Catholic Bishop in Canada

            while holding Myrna's hands full of oil, has his own hands covered with oil – Father Bonifacio

When a woman takes in her hands Myrna's dry hands,

desperately hoping for them to ooze in order to anoint her sick daughter

During a Marian procession, before the statue of the Virgin Mary, while a song is sung

by the crowd

Before a Marian sanctuary, close to a Church

At the end of an ecstasy (triduum), she regurgitates fragrant oil

In a car, while singing to the Virgin Mary

At the foot of the large statue of Our Lady of Harissa -  Lebanon

Of  three fingers from her right hand only, on Saint Bernadette Soubirous’ tomb

            - Nevers, France

During an Easter procession (during Catholic or Orthodox Holy Week)

outside or inside of the church, walking besides the priest

When a bishop prays over Myrna, while imposing his hands on her head

During the viewing of a videotape showing the stigmata in Myrna’s presence

When the oil doesn't appear on her hands, and while Myrna re-iterates to

the people the importance of prayer, stating that the oil is only a sign,

and not the most important thing, sometimes the oil appears

Sometimes, when a person inquires about the appearance of the oil when it is

not on her hands, it suddenly appears

During the blessing of a piece of land


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