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On this page you will find EWTN programs where Fr Robert J. Fox has hosted or was a guest. The programs are from the EWTN Audio Library and have much value in learning the Catholic Faith.

Fr. Robert J. Fox, a priest of 50 years and is the founder of the Fatima Family Apostolate (FFA)

Fr. Robert J. Fox has a mission to young people, and a message to proclaim: there is another way to live, God's way. In order to say this, however, he must demonstrate that way in his own life.

This demonstration has taken many forms, as author and journalist, as television personality, as leader in the World Apostolate of Fatima. In all, however, he is a priest, and he touches the lives of his people -- particularly young people -- by living the life of Jesus, human in its tenderness and intimacy, divine in the fact that it knows no limit.

Fr. Robert J. Fox teaches the story of Fatima, and the importance of its message in our society.

Since the Fatima Family Apostolate exists for the sanctification of individuals and especially the family it must be concerned about education of the family.

In 1917 the Mother of Jesus Christ appeared repeatedly to three little shepherd children near Fatima, Portugal. She taught them the proper way of praying the Rosary, namely meditating on the mysteries of Jesus Christ while praying the Hail Marys.

Mary was a Catechist at Fatima, teaching as a mother would with love and care.

Every Pope since Fatima was approved in 1930 have said: “Fatima is a reaffirmation of the Gospel.”

Our Lady of Fatima message is for the whole world and for the universal Church

Finally there is an ample book written by a Catholic priest who did first-hand research in the Community of Soufanieh, Damascus, Syria near the site where the Apostle St. Paul was converted and baptized. Father Elias Zahlaoui, associated with the Soufanieh miracles and messages from the beginning, sees this as one of the most complete books on Soufanieh, sensitive to all the peoples and Christians of the East. Light from the East - is a 256 page book with multiple colored photos throughout the chapters to illustrate what is happening at Soufanieh - in the Christian sector of Damascus - and extending itself throughout the world. It is a Rosary of marvels which include exsudations of oil, apparitions, ecstasies, messages, visions, stigmata, bodily and spiritual cures. This book is a new voice that presents the deeper message of Soufanieh for the universal Church which is called to unity, especially the call for Orthodox and Catholics to become one as they were for the first 1000 years of Christianity. The Author explores not only unity for all Christians but love and unity for each family. Soufanieh is a call for Christian Unity and for love and unity in millions of families which will lead to Christian Unity. Father Fox went to Damascus and grasped the reality that Soufanieh is to the East what Fatima is to the West. Those of the Soufanieh Community reviewed this book before going to print and were amazed and thrilled that finallly the truth and love for unity between East and West as called for by heaven will be made known to millions more by a priest from the West who accepted those of the East with love. Finally a sensitivity to the East is shown in presenting the Mother of the East as the Mother of us all who wants her children one in her Son Jesus Christ. 256 pages.

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Mark Sanislo, a resident of Coon Rapids, Minnesota is an accomplished representational artist working in oil and pastel medium. Classically trained, his work ranges in style from high realism to impressionism. His style is evocative of some of the great master painters of the Renaissance.

Mark’s strength is particularly evident in his ability to capture on canvas the emotion and essence of the human spirit. Having been inspired by His Holiness Pope John Paul II Apostolic Letter to Artists, Mark has focused his talent upon religious artwork. Before moving in this direction Mark has been best known as a portrait artist.

In the picture, Mark receives a blessing of his hands from Father Robert J. Fox. The religious art in the background is an Icon of the Union of East and West, and was on a book cover for Mary : Light from the East - Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh written by Fr. Fox.