Damascus, 15th of April 1990


Dear friends,


Christ has risen. He indeed has risen.


This is the way, Christians wish each other a Happy Easter, in the Orient.


And today it is Easter. Yes, Christ is indeed the Living and Unifying one.


It is with an immense joy that I write to you, as I have accustomed you to it, in order to give you the latest news of Soufanieh.


  1. This Holy Week, friends have come from a bit everywhere: France, Belgium, The United States, Canada, Germany, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria of course and even from Burkina-Faso. Most of them came in the hope that "some thing" would happen under their own eyes, since this year Easter was common to all Christians. They were not disappointed.

  3. On Holy Thursday, at eleven o’clock, the stigmata appeared, first on the forehead, then on the hands and onto the feet and the side of Myrna. Numerous persons, including doctors, were present and were literally on the look-out for the least gesture and word of Myrna. This enabled filming on video, to the second, the various stages.

  5. On Holy Saturday, at 15.10, oil started oozing from the forehead, the eyes and the hands of Myrna. Then came the ecstasy, during which Myrna saw a light and heard a deep and calm voice telling her:

    "My children, you, yourselves will teach the generations, the WORD of unity, love and faith. I am with you. But you, My daughter, will not hear My voice until the Feast has been unified."


  7. On Easter day, at dawn, towards 4.30. the marble cupula located under the Holy Icon, was found to be three quarter full.

  9. It goes without saying that personal or public prayers went on without interruption, especially during Holy Week.

  11. Several telephone calls from France, the United Stated and Canada, assured us about the simultaneous prayers in unison with Soufanieh.

  13. During the month of March, the film on Soufanieh, produced by one of the reporters of Canadian T.V., Mr. André Rostworowski appeared four times on T.V., at different times. Then, the weekly bulletin of the Greek-Melkite Catholic Parish of Saint-Sauveur, in Montreal, on the first weeks of April, published on page two, a notice announcing the broadcast, once more, of that same film on Channel 9, on the 8, 9, 12 and 14th of April.


Together, dear friends, let us rejoice in the Lord and give thanks to Him. May we all work towards our personal Unity and the Unity of the Church as requested by Jesus and Mary.


And every day at the feet of Jesus and Mary.


Father Elias Zahlaoui





Église Notre-Dame de Damas

Koussour-Damas, Syrie

Syrie (tél. 963-11-445.0999 )