- Arrival in Cairo

- Mass at the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Oil exudation)

- Mass at the church of the Virgin Mary, in Zeitoun

- Visit to Matarieh-Tree of the Holy Family (oil)

- Mass

- Visit to the churches of Old Cairo (Oil while visiting a sick person)

- Visit to the church of the Virgin Mary in Maadi (Oil - Mgr Kolta)

- Visit to the Pyramids of Guizeh

- Mass at the nuns (oil from the hands, oil Fayez Kolta)

- Visit to the Mohammad Ali Citadel and the Coptic Museum

- Visit to the Gawhar el Sakly museum

- Visit to the Mokattam-Prayer at the nuns

Negertissia (oil), Myrna's fasting

- Myrna - bedridden

- Oil oozing out of images (Oil at Magda's - Myrna bedridden)

- Visit of condolences to the Coptic Catholic Patriarch Stephanos II (oil)

- Trip to Louqsor and Aswan

- Prayers with a bishop in Louqsor (oil)

- Visit to the Guézireh tower

- Visit to the Zoo and the Sindbad Luna Park with the children

- Visit to the "Khan el Khalil" souq (rest)

- Video recording by father M. Yanni

Oil with picture in hands (Mme. Isabelle)

Oil (friend of father Yanni, Dr. Wezam Ghazaleh)

Oil (M. Lameie)

Oil (Mr. Fayez Yanni, mrs. Wassal)

Oil oozed 6 times

  • Departure for Damascus (Friday)
  • Oil on several small pictures during the trip to the airport




















23/2/90 to 27/2/90











Friday 2/3/90




Prepared by father Maurice Yanni - 1.6.91


This is a summary of Myrna's visit to the Arabic Republic of Egypt from February 9 to March 2, 1990, at the invitation of father (comos) Maurice Yanni, priest of the Coptic Catholic church of Heliopolis (outskirt of Cairo).


Friday 9.2.90


I document the visit of the family of Mr. Nicolas Moussa Nazzour and his wife Mrs. Myrna Jean Shafiq Kerba el Akhrass and their children Myriam and Jean-Emmanuel, as well as of Myrna's mother Mrs. Nouha Bahjat Nazzour.


They all arrived at Cairo International Airport on a plane of Syrian Airlines at exactly 10:00 a.m. I was waiting for them and welcomed them. When coming out of the airport, they were welcomed by relatives and friends. We then headed to Heliopolis, where they were going to stay.


Saturday 10/2/90


Visit of Myrna to the Coptic Catholic church in Heliopolis


Myrna and her husband were invited to attend the spiritual ceremony which was being held at the church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Heliopolis. The program which was read out by father Maurice Yanni consisted in the prayer of the rosary followed by the Holy Mass as well as a sermon of Mgr Yohanna Kolta on the Virgin Mary. Myrna gave her testimony to the faithful. She described the various stages of her life as of November 24, 1982. First, the exudation of oil and the oozing from the icon of Soufanieh. Second, the ecstasy and the visions. Third, the apparition of the Virgin Mary.


After a complete explanation of the phenomenon, Myrna prayed for peace in the world, recited the Lord's prayer and Hail Mary as well as Glory to the Father. Then she started singing a hymn to the Virgin Mary, while the oil started pouring out of her hands. She informed the public about it. The faithful then came up to salute her and be blessed with the oil. Afterwards, we thanked God for his graces and left the church.


Sunday 11/2/90


The family of Myrna and their friends visited the Coptic Orthodox church of the Virgin Mary in Zeitoun, where the Virgin Mary had appeared on the top of the church. They then visited the historical tree of Matarieh which sheltered the Holy Family during their escape to Egypt. They were accompanied by father Elias Abdel Malek El Azeri, from Alexandria.


They all attended the holy mass at 6 p.m. in the Coptic Catholic church in Heliopolis. Towards the end of the mass, the priest (comos) Maurice Yanni requested Myrna to sing some songs and hymns to the Virgin Mary. While singing, oil exuded from Myrna's hands. The faithful then came towards her to be blessed with the oil and to salute her... their number was increasing. She remained inside the church until nine o'clock blessing the people, then she went back home.



Monday 12/2/90


The church was already full two hours before schedule, which was most unusual. The faithful were awaiting to pray and attend mass which was to start at 6 p.m. in order to see Myrna. During Myrna's communion, I noticed the oil exuding from the hands of Myrna. It was approximately 6:30 p.m.


After the mass, Mgr Yohanna Kolta spoke about the Virgin Mary and her motherly love, for about 45 minutes. After the homely, Mgr Yohanna Kolta shook Myrna's hand and was surprised to notice that her hand was exuding oil. The faithful then came up to be blessed by her and we remained in the church until 8 p.m.


Tuesday 13/2/90


Visit to the churches of Old Cairo and the ones of Maadi


Myrna's family and friends visited, this morning, the old churches of Old Cairo and Maadi. In the evening, the family of Nicolas and Myrna arrived at the church after having been rejoined by Myrna's father who arrived from Damascus on that same day to attend the Holy Mass celebrated by "Comos" Maurice Yanni. The homely was preached by Mgr Yohanna Kolta.


Myrna's family left the church before the homely to visit a sick person with mrs. Magda Khoury. The latter advised me, later on, that while they were praying with Myrna, they noticed that Myrna's hand was oozing oil towards the end of the prayer. She ointed the sick person with that oil. At the end of the homely, Mgr Kolta wanted to see Myrna again. I therefore went with him to Myrna and I requested the latter to tell Mgr Kolta what happened to her in the church; also to tell him about the exudation of oil in her house as well as the various periods that she has lived since 1982. While Myrna was talking, Mgr Kolta noticed that oil was exuding from her hand. This surprised him. Then Myrna asked us to pray and thank God for the blessings He bestows on us and for that sign which He sends us so that we believe in Him and live with Him. Soon after, Mgr Kolta excused himself and we left.


Wednesday 14/2/90


Visit to the Pyramids of Guizeh


The family of Myrna visited this morning the Pyramids of Guizeh in the company of Mr. Lameï Guirguis and his wife Thérèse. We then went in the evening to the house of elderly belonging to the Nuns of Our Lady of Sorrows in Heliopolis. There we celebrated mass. As usual, after prayers, I requested Myrna to give her testimony to the elderly nuns. After her discussion and conversation with them, she sung. I was beside her. I noticed that oil was oozing out of her hands. I therefore asked her to bless the people present. This rejoiced all the assembly. When we returned, we visited Mme Paula and her sister as well as the family who lives near the house of the priests. We drank tea. They asked Myrna to pray for them. We all stood up for the prayer. The hands of Myrna exuded oil and she blessed all the family with it. We thanked them for the visit and went back to the house. My brother Fayez requested Myrna to come to his house and pray with his family. I took Myrna there and towards the end of the prayer, oil exuded from her hand; she blessed the whole family with it. We then prayed once more as thanksgiving for this favour and went back to her residence.


Thursday 15/2/90


Visit to the Mohamed Ali citadel and to the Gawhar el Sakly museum.


The Nazzour family, Mr. Lameï, his wife Thérèse and Mrs. Magda Khoury went by car to visit the Mohamed Ali citadel and Gawhar el Sakly museum. In the afternoon, a medical doctor came to examine their young son Jean-Emmanuel who was feverish, due to a strong flu.


Friday 16/2/90


Visit to the convent of the Italian nuns Neguertissia at the Mokattam.


Myrna and her family went for a short excursion to the Mokattam to visit the convent of the Italian nuns Neguertissia and this despite Myrna's failing health. Myrna gave her testimony. During the testimony, we noticed that her hands were exuding oil. When she finished talking, the nuns came towards her, requesting cotton wool impregnated with the oil that was oozing from her hands, so as to be ointed with it. Towards 1:30 p.m., the mother superior asked her to have lunch with them. Despite high fever, apparent signs of weariness and fasting on bread and water only, she accepted the invitation wholeheartedly. We then went back home.


Saturday 17/2/90


Myrna asked to be excused from going ahead with the program of the day because of high fever. She remained bedridden.


Sunday 18/2/90


Myrna has remained in bed, with high fever and this despite all the medicines she was taking. I brought her the Eucharist at home. She received Holy Communion and we continued to pray. I gave her a picture of Our Lady of Soufanieh and placed it beside her. After having prayed, we spoke about Our Lady of Lourdes in France and the one of Medjugorje in Yugoslavia. After having prayed, I left her and that is when her mother advised me that the picture was oozing oil. I noticed that the oil was shaped like a rosary. I then raised my eyes towards heaven; we prayed and thanked God for that grace: blessed oil.


Towards 5:30 p.m., Majed and his wife Magda came to visit Myrna and inquire about her health. The conversation centred on faith and the apparition of the Virgin Mary in various countries. At that moment, the oil exuded from Myrna's hands. Mrs. Magda also gave a picture of Our Lady of Soufanieh to Myrna so that she could pray on it. After praying in common, the oil oozed from that picture as well, in front of all of us. Mrs. Magda and her husband have kept the picture.


Monday 19/2/90


Myrna remained bedridden the whole day because of severe flu. At 8 p.m., I brought one of my friends at the home of Myrna and her family. She received us very warmly, despite her tiredness. She told us the story of the oil that exudes from her hands and her body during ecstasy. When she finished talking, oil exuded from her hands. My friend was astonished and said that it was a real blessing. He asked her to smell the oil. He told me that the smell is indeed the one of olive oil. After that, Myrna requested us to pray the Virgin Mary to thank her for that blessing.


Tuesday 20/2/90


Myrna asked to be excused and remained at home because of her illness.


Wednesday 21/2/90


Visit of condolences to His Eminence Patriarch Anba Stephanos II, for the death of his brother. Mr. Nicolas Nazzour and his wife visited His Eminence the Patriarch. The latter received us at the Patriarchate, in his office, and we presented our condolences. His Eminence already knew Myrna because they had met in Los Angeles the year before, at doctor Antoine Mansour's. During the conversation, I asked Myrna to tell His Eminence about her experiences. Anba Youssef Sarraf, the Chaldean bishop as well as father Nouri joined the meeting. While Myrna was finishing her story, I noticed that the was oozing from her hands. I requested His Eminence the Patriarch and bishop Sarraf to smell the hands of Myrna and to make sure it was really olive oil. They did not comment. We stayed there until the end of the meeting. Myrna asked His Eminence to bless us all. After the blessing, we took leave of them and went back home.


Later on, we went to visit Mrs. Wafaa whose son was sick. Nicolas asked to pay her a visit because she lived near their residence. She received us very warmly. Soon after, Myrna asked that we pray. She was holding in her hand a picture of Our Lady of Soufanieh. At the end of the prayer, we noticed that the picture was oozing oil. All the family was happy and kept the picture as a sign of blessing.


Thursday 22/2/90


Madame Noha, Myrna's mother, informed me that when Mrs. Theresa Shoukri and her children, Myra and Nevine Lameie Guirguis came to visit Myrna, they asked her to pray with them, while she was holding in her hands the picture of Our Lady of Soufanieh. After the prayer, the picture oozed oil. They kept the picture and were very happy. During my presence with Myrna's family at home, they received around 7 p.m., the visit of madam Paula, the son of her sister and their mother. After some words of welcome, they prayed ten beads of the rosary and sang hymns to the Virgin Mary. Myrna was holding a picture of Our Lady of Soufanieh in her hands. The oil oozed from the picture; this was the fifth picture which oozed oil in just a few days.


Friday 23/2/90


All the family went by plane to Aswan, then to Louqsor by boat and finally went back to Cairo by plane on 26 February. The tour had been organised by the Tourism Capri agency.




Saturday 24/2/90


Departure for Aswan and Louqsor.


Sunday 25/2/90


Excursion at Aswan and Louqsor


Nicolas told me what had happened Friday evening. While leaving the boat to visit Louqsor, they met by chance, a lady who took them to the Coptic Catholic bishopric in Louqsor so that they could pray in the church and pay their respects to the bishop. When the latter met them, he already knew them. He asked Myrna to pray with him. He was accompanied by the bursar of the bishopric, father Antonius el Bardey. The latter was initially opposed to the meeting because the bishop, Mgr Anba Aghanatios, was very tired that day. After praying in common, Myrna's hands exuded oil. This astonished the bursar. They all prayed and thanked God. The bishop asked her to pray for him and for his town, as well as for the whole of Egypt. I contacted the bishop and father Antonius el Wakil to obtain information on what had happened there.


Monday 26/2/90


I waited for Myrna, her family and her parents at the local Cairo airport. The plane arrived at 2:30 p.m. from Louqsor and we went to their residence. Towards 8 p.m., I accompanied Myrna to the house of Dr. Sobhi el Sissi and his family. We prayed God Almighty to always be with them. Myrna was holding in her hands a picture of Our Lady of Soufanieh which oozed oil during all the prayer. Afterwards, we stayed with the family for a while and went back to the Nazzour's.


Tuesday 27/2/90


Visit to the zoo with Myrna's children. Visit of the Tower with M. Lameie and his wife Thérèse Chukri.


Wednesday 28/2/90


Visit to the Khan el Khalil and the souks of Cairo.

Thursday 1/3/90


I went to visit Myrna around 9:45 a.m. I asked Nicolas if I could make a video film on the life of Myrna. I was there with my filming equipment. Nicolas spoke at length on the apparitions. Then Myrna arrived and the conversation became very interesting because she and her parents added several details to the story of Nicolas.


At the end, I asked her to sing with her beautiful voice. She was singing while holding in her hand a picture of Our Lady of Soufanieh. The picture oozed oil. Madame Isabelle has kept it as a sign of blessing; a gift from heaven for the great effort undertaken during all this historical retrospective of the phenomenon. Many relatives and acquaintances came the next day to bid farewell to the Nazzour family before their departure from Cairo.


I was with my friend among the people who came to say goodbye to her. We were in the lounge. I asked Myrna to pray and sing while holding in her hand the picture of Our Lady of Soufanieh. Myrna agreed and the picture oozed oil in front of my friend who kept it as a personal blessing. He thanked me for that nice occasion and asked to be excused. We bade them farewell, wishing them a good and uneventful trip.


Myrna advised me that around 2 p.m., Mr. Lameie and his wife had come to greet her. They were holding the picture of Our Lady of Soufanieh. They all prayed and the oil oozed once more. Mt. Lameie took the picture. Mr. Fayez Yanni prayed with Myrna holding in her hand the picture of Our Lady of Soufanieh. It oozed oil as well. Mr. Yanni kept it. Then the family of Dr. Sobhi Ibrahim and Sissi came to greet her and bid her farewell. Mrs. Wassal gave Myrna the picture of Our Lady of Soufanieh so that she prays with them. During prayer, the picture oozed oil. Mrs. Wassal Wasfi took it as a souvenir and a blessing. Finally, Dr. Wessam Ghazaleh arrived. He asked Myrna to pray for his family. During prayer, oil oozed from the picture. Doctor Ghazaleh kept it also as a sign of blessing for his family.


Friday 2/3/90


We left the house at 8:10 a.m. this morning heading towards Cairo International Airport with all the Nazzour family. There was more than one car ready to accompany them. Before the car started moving, many people gave her several small pictures of Our Lady of Soufanieh so that she prays on them. Indeed, during the trip to the airport, some of them oozed oil before reaching the airport. Everyone greeted them before they entered the airport. I accompanied them inside and left them just as they were boarding. It was a warm farewell. I wished her success in her mission and promised to always keep in touch with them. This is how ended the visit of Myrna and her family to Egypt.


Signed : Comos Maurice Yanni