Paris, 13th of December 1989.



Dear Friends,


Soon it will be Christmas. May you enjoy it with faith and joy, so that our life becomes a daily Christmas?


Here is the circular I promised you for the 7th anniversary of Our Lady of Soufanieh.


All over the world, we all were ready. And the Lord, once more, has fulfilled our wishes. Blessed be His Name.


  1. M. André Rostworowski, a Canadian television reporter, arrived in Damascus on November 22nd.

  3. The previous dean of Munster University, Professor Dr. Adel Khoury, arrived in Damascus on November 24th. Both of them have left Damascus, on November 29th, fully loaded.

  5. On the evening of the 22nd, oil appeared on the hands of Myrna, while praying in the house of her sister-in-law, in commemoration of the oil which had appeared on her hands that same day, seven years ago exactly. One minute later, oil was oozing from the icon of Our Lady of Soufanieh in that same house, and this in the presence of numerous people who had come there to pray.

  7. In the afternoon of the 23rd, during a prayer celebrated in one of the rooms of the convent of the Lazarists priests, oil oozed once more from the hands of Myrna. Mr. André Rostworowski and myself were present.

  9. On the 24th, a common prayer was also held in the house of Myrna’s parents, to commemorate the day when the oil had also oozed from her hands, exactly seven years ago to the day. The oil covered Myrna’s hands. M. Rostworowski and myself were present.

  11. On the 25th, during prayers held in a home from the Soufanieh group, oil oozed out of a large icon of Our Lady of Soufanieh. Moslem ladies were also present.

  13. On the 25th, prayers started at four in the afternoon and ended around 8.30 p.m.. Myrna fell into ecstasy around 18.05. Oil appeared on her face and both her hands. Coming out of ecstasy, she affirmed having seen the Virgin Mary, all luminous. She gave her the following message:

    My children,

    Jesus told Peter, You are the rock, and on it, I shall build My church.

    As for Me, I tell you now: You are the heart in which Jesus will build his UNICITY.

    I want you to devote your prayers to peace, from now until the commemoration of the Resurrection.



  15. On the 27th, at 5.30 a.m., a prayer group from Los Angeles phones Myrna and asks her to recite once the lord’s prayer, once Hail Mary and to sing to them a hymn to the Virgin Mary. Myrna complies. At the end of the phone call, she goes up to the miraculous icon for a thanks giving prayer, when she sees that the cupola under the icon is half full of oil. Well, the oil had not oozed from that icon since November 27, l988.

  17. That same day, we go to Khabab, 60 kilometers south of Damascus, Mr. Rostworowski, to see the local bishop. Father Adel Khoury was accompanying Myrna, Nicolas and us. At the end of the interview, oil appeared on Myrna’s hands. She was sitting to the left of the bishop.

  19. On the 29th, all the day is devoted in Soufanieh to replace the icon’s niche with a marble column holding some kind of marble cupola above which is suspended the miraculous icon. The whole thing’s then sheltered under a transparent plastic globe. That work lasted the whole day. Father Malouli was present. Once everything in place, all the people present stood in front of the column and prayed, requesting among other things to the Virgin Mary to give a sign of blessing. Immediately, the oil oozed under the eyes of all attending. Father Malouli had emptied that same morning, the oil that had oozed into the old cupola…

  21. On December 7th, His Excellency the Apostolic Nuncio in Damascus, Msgr. Luigi Accogli, invited Myrna and Nicolas at his residence, as well as other persons among which, Sister Fiorina, the previous head of the Italian Hospital in Damascus. His Excellency celebrated the Holy Mass. Just at the end of the liturgy, oil oozed abundantly out of Myrna’s hands. The Nuncio cared to even hold Myrna’s hands and smelled its fragrance. "Indeed, it is oil" was his remark.

  23. A new book in Arabic on Soufanieh has just been published in Beirut. Its author, May Daher, is a Lebanese journalist.


Briefly speaking, this is what happened in Damascus during the seventh anniversary.


We shall wait, of course, to read Father Adel Khoury’s comments in German and to see the files, which will be produced by M. Rostworowski.


The most important thing which remains however is the prayer that comes out of Soufanieh and from all over the world, in communion with it.


Isn’t that a new manifestation of Our Lord in the world, a new Christmas?


I leave you with the joy and certitude of His Divine Presence.

















Father Elias Zahlaoui