Paris, 15th of November 1989.



Dear Friends,


This circular will reach you in a few days before the 7th anniversary of our Lady of Soufanieh which we will all celebrate, wherever we are, on the eve of 27th instant.


Please forgive the silence which issued the last circular which is dated 17th of February, if I am not mistaken. It is time to tell you a little about what has happened since.




  1. The daily prayer is as regular as always. It is held in absolute simplicity and gratuitousness. We note that some Moslem attend sometimes side by side with Christians from all confessions.

  3. Since the eve of November 27th, 1988, not one drop of oil has oozed from the Holy Icon. On the other hand, the three drops that were hanging at the bottom of the frame since that night, are still there.

  5. Furthermore, oil continues to appear frequently on the hands of Myrna, either during prayer or during a conversation on Soufanieh.

  7. Myrna has been invited once more to the United States. She has spent there nearly two months (July/August), with her husband, leaving her two children in Damascus. She has visited Detroit, Los Angeles, San Jose, Glendale and the Ukrainian monastery of Mount Thabor in Redwood Valley (near Sacramento). Everywhere, oil has manifested itself on her hands, in numerous churches where she has prayed, and this in the presence of priests belonging to different " churches ", as well as in numerous houses. Oil has also oozed from many reproductions of Our Lady of Soufanieh. This double sign has no doubt triggered an intense movement of prayer.

  9. In Los Angeles, on the 18th of August, Myrna fell into ecstasy, in a private house in the presence of about fifty persons who came to pray. During this ecstasy, oil oozed from the face and hands of Myrna. She saw the Virgin Mary whom she had not seen since the ecstasy of the evening of the 14th of August 1985. She dictated to her the following message:

    Do not fear, My daughter. All this is happening to glorify the name of God. Rejoice, rather, because God has allowed you to come to Me so that I can tell you: Do not worry about what people say about you, but remain always in peace, because the creatures turn towards Me through you. Tell everyone to pray more because they need prayer to please the Father. May the blessings of God be upon you and upon all those who have co-operated with you out of love for Him.


  11. A small booklet in English containing the messages received by Myrna, during the apparitions of the Virgin Mary and during the ecstasies, has been published and distributed, free of charge, in the United States.

  13. A real effort has been made in the past few months, to create in France, Canada, the United States and elsewhere, " Associations of Our Lady of Soufanieh ", which would distribute, free of charge, the messages of Soufanieh and related information, instigate prayer, and especially prayers for the Unity of the Church.

  15. The influx of pilgrims and letters which pour into Damascus from a bit everywhere, enables us to say that the Virgin Mary is pleased to see Her messages spreading like an oil stain. In this respect, Myrna has already received several invitations that we are holding for the time being. What is important is that we have to conform to the will of the Lord and the Virgin Mary. Please help her and help us through your prayers.




  1. Aleppo is Syria’s second largest city and is located 350 kms north of Damascus. I had already advised you that oil was oozing out of four pictures, two of which represent Our Lady of Soufanieh, in two Armenian houses respectively since the January 1988 and early July 1988. Public prayer is held in alternation, at the rhythm of three days per week and always in the strictest gratuity.


  1. I was able to see the oil ooze in Aleppo, on several occasions and in both houses. But on October 1st, the day of the feast of St-Gregory the Illuminator, Patron of Armenia, I saw the oil oozing in one of the two houses from three pictures at the same time, under the eyes of the praying crowd, and in the presence of father Emile Assouad who was leading the prayers.


Allow me to remind you that a book on Soufanieh (in French) was published two years ago, as well as a cassette (in French) that you will find at the following address :


Chrétiens Magazine

9, rue du Dr. Potain

75019 Paris

Tel :


Dear friends, will we ever know how to thank the Lord and his Holy Mother?


Let us pray to Them instead so that our thanks are translated into a transfigured life.


I recommend you to please pray wholeheartedly for Myrna and her husband Nicolas.


Please accept my sincere friendship and the assurance of my fraternal prayer.



Father Elias Zahlaoui






Our Lady of Damascus Parish

Damascus, Koussour