Damascus, December 2nd, 1987.

Dear Friends,

Soon Christmas will be with us. Accept from me today my best wishes for more joy and courage in faith.

Most of you are informed about the extraordinary events that we live since five years in Damascus, thanks to what is now called Our Lady of Soufanieh.

Today, I would want to tell you briefly about the last events of this astonishing spiritual phenomenon which is so natural to God.

1. On November 20th 1987, immediately after the common prayer that has not been interrupted since November 27, 1982, oil starts oozing from the Holy Icon nearly filling entirely the marble container placed under it. A French pilgrim group, led by Mr. Pierre SORIN, of Mayenne, witnessed it, along with the numerous faithful who were in the house. It was the vigil of the feast of the presentation of the Holy Virgin to the Temple.

2. On November 25th 1987, Father René LAURENTIN, specialist of Marial theology, arrives in Damascus, coming from Spain. From the airport, we drive directly to Soufanieh then to the Apostolic Nunciature, in company of Myrna, her husband Nicolas, Father Joseph MALOULI and Mr. Adib MOUSLEH. After a little chit-chat, we go to the chapel for a moment of prayer, and just as we are leaving the chapel, oil appears on Myrna's hands... Also present are Mgr ROTUNNO, Pronuncio to Damascus, his secretary Mgr ELISEO, Dr BOCCHIA, the commercial attaché of the embassy of Italy in Damascus, and four nuns present at the Nunciature who arrived in a hurry...

3. On November 26th 1987, vigil of the fifth anniversary of the phenomenon, we alerted several people on the possibility of an event that would mark this date.. It is for this reason that we invited Father LAURENTIN... However, as of 16:29, the expected event unfolded; Myrna invited Father MALOULI to pray with her in her room. Father MALOULI then called Fathers Boulos FADEL and Michel FARAH, and everyone present started to pray. Immediately, oil oozed from Myrna's hands and face. Were already present Mrs. GALTIE, wife of the Consul of France in Damascus, and her friend Mrs. Gabrielle, nurse at the governmental hospital TICHRINE. The French pilgrims and Father LAURENTIN arrived at this moment. They were with some people from abroad and Mr. Antoine MAKDISI, the only ones to stay in the room with the priests and Myrna... while the television set, installed in the lobby of the house, enabled the crowd of pilgrims to follow the progress of the ecstasy...

For my part, I preferred to remain in the lobby to lead the prayers.. Around 19:00, Father MALOULI leaves the room, preceded by Myrna, and communicates the message with a powerful voice; here is the translation made by the two of us, with the help of Father René LAURENTIN:

Message from Jesus Christ

Thursday, November 26, 1987

(Eve of the 5th anniversary of the phenomenon)

My daughter,

I am pleased that you have chosen Me,

not only in words.

I want you to join My Heart to your gentle heart

so that our hearts will unite.

By doing so, you will save suffering souls.

Do not hate anyone,

so that your heart not be blinded by your love of Me.

Love everyone as you have loved Me,

especially those who have hated you

and have spoken evil of you,

because in so doing you will obtain glory.

Continue in your life as wife, mother and sister.

Do not worry about the difficulties

and the pains that will afflict you.

I want you to be stronger than them

-- because I am with you --

otherwise you will lose My heart.

Go and preach to the whole world

and tell them without fear to work for unity.

Man is not condemned for the fruit of his hands,

but for the fruit of his heart.

My peace in your heart will be a blessing for you

and for all those who have co-operated with you.

4. The first sentence of this message requires an explanation: At the time of the ecstasy of September 7th, 1987, Myrna received a personal message which made her cry bitterly when she awakened from the ecstasy, and which the priests then present, preferred to withhold until the appropriate time. It is time today to share it with you without any hesitation. Here is the translation:

Message from Jesus Christ

Monday, September 7, 1987


is it not you that I have chosen,

the quiet girl with a heart full of love and sympathy?

I have noticed that you cannot endure anything for Me.

I shall give you a chance to choose.

Know that if you lose Me,

you will lose the prayers of all those around you,

and know that bearing the Cross is unavoidable.

* Myrna's real name is Mary.

This message, in relation with the message of November 26th, 1987 is self-explanatory.

5. In the evening of November 26th, 1987 at 0:50, oil oozed from the Holy Icon suddenly and nearly filled the marble cupula placed under It. There were several people who were waiting for the oozing of the oil, but one moment of inattention was more than sufficient to see the last drops fall in the cupula. I wish to remind you that the icon is placed in a marble and glass niche, locked under key.. As usual, I'm advised and I arrived at Soufanieh a few minutes after; I found all the people present in prayer in front of the Icon...

6. On November 27th, 1987, I visited with Father René LAURENTIN, around 10:00, His Holiness Zakka Iwas 1st, Antiochian Patriarch of the Syrian Orthodox... During this interview, which ended with a prayer for the Unity of the Church, His Holiness announced to us that a picture of Our Lady of Soufanieh which belongs to a young lady of his community, married to a Lebanese and living in Switzerland has oozed oil lately. His Holiness promised me to meet with this lady's brother.

7. I would like to close this common letter, by sharing with you the message delivered during the ecstasy of August 14th, vigil of the Feast of the Assumption (accompanied always with the oozing of oil from the icon, the face and hands of Myrna):

Message from Jesus Christ

Friday, August 14, 1987

My daughter,

She is My Mother from whom I was born.

He who honours Her, honours Me.

He who denies Her, denies Me.

And he who asks something from Her obtains

because She is My Mother.

Finally, I'd like bring to your attention:

That a prayer service takes place every evening;

That visitors find the door always open, even at night, at any time of day, the door opens;

All this happens always in TOTAL GRATUITOUSNESS.

Yesterday, Tuesday December 1st, 1987, His Excellency, Mgr BAHNANE, Syrian Orthodox Bishop of Amman (Jordan), came to preside the prayer at Soufanieh, and he accepted gladly that this prayer be recorded on videocassette.

I also thought that those among you who live in France and would want to have more details on these events, could contact the director of the French pilgrimage who was attending them:

Mr Pierre SORIN

36, Résidence d'Anjou



Tel: 43 04 14 80

Wishing you a Happy New Year, full of Joy in Faith, and awaiting from your news;

Once again, I wish to express to you my friendship and the assurance of my brotherly prayers;

So long;


Father Elias Zahlaoui

Our Lady of Damascus Parish

Koussour - Damascus


Tel: 450 999