Damascus, December 13th , 1986.


Dear friends;


For the first time, I write to you a collective letter. Please forgive me. Lack of time and the subject of the letter itself compelled me to do it.


Soon, it will be Christmas. Happy Feast to all of you. I wish you joy and courage in your work and always more love in your daily life, as well as a happy New Year, beaming with it more joy and hope.


I owe to many of you a big thank you for the warm welcome which was reserved to me during my last trip. Although used to it, I do not know why I felt more looked after and cared for, like a father is really looked after by his children.


Is it a sign of old age ? Perhaps a sign of selfishness. Perhaps also, please forgive me for feeling so at this time. Could it be that I needed it ? Whatever it is, thank you very much.


You are perhaps expecting news from Soufanieh: I am happy to tell you briefly what happened during the 4th anniversary, on November 26th 1986.


Besides, I am sending you some documentation that you will be able to read and which will tell you many things on the various developments of this phenomenon. And now, letís focus on the Anniversary.


On the morning of November 26th , oozing of oil from the Icon at 4:30 in the morning, after an interruption of exactly one year, to the day. In the evening, during prayer, the extasy occurs. Please see Father Joseph Malouliís description of which you will be able to read, as well as the translation of the Message. On the morning of the 27th , the oil oozes again from the Icon, to such an extent that the marble cupola underneath it is about to fill up. It is as if the Virgin Mary is immersed in oil.


One important thing to point out: Father Jean-Claude Darrigaud, a French journalist with the French TV network (TF2), had arrived on November 23rd , in the evening. He has attended all the events which have accompanied the Anniversary. He has compiled a documentary including some sequences of previous documents, out of which, he intends to produce a video for broadcasting. Three days after his return to Paris, I had the joy of hearing his voice on the telephone, telling me that a 10-minute video will be presented on the phenomenon on TF2 at around Christmas time. This is the address of Father Jean-Claude Darrigaud, should you need it:

1, rue de Montalembert, Paris 75007, tel: 454 80231 (include country code).


Joy, I wish you more of it in the Lord and the Virgin Mary.


In all friendship,


Father Elias Zahlaoui