Holy Week 2001 at Soufanieh – Damascus, Syria.

At the level of the signs, three facts are noteworthy to report:

1. The opening of the stigmata wounds:

On Holy Thursday, at 13:45, the wounds appeared on Myrna’s forehead, in her palms, on her flank (12cm) and on the top of her feet. The wounds were preceeded, for several minutes, by a sudden and substantial trembling in all of Myrna’s body. Blood appeared on all the wounds, except on her feet.

Obviously, Myrna suffered atrociously. Yet, she endured those sufferings with great control and modesty. Afterwards, she was taken to her bedroom, she had her shoes removed, then laid on to her bed. She remained in her bed until 9 p.m. She was later able to get up with some difficulty.

Everything was witnessed by numerous persons from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Irak, Egypt, Soufan, France, Holland, Denmark, Canada, USA, Australia, Tahiti and Ile de la Reunion.

Among these witnesses, medical doctors of various specialties were present. I have asked them their written testimonial.

With the crowd in prayer, one could find the following priests around Myrna’s bed: Boulos Fadel, Antoine Mousleh, Jean-Paul Devedeux (French from France) and myself.

Around 3 p.m., the Melkite Catholic Bishop from Tripoli (Lebanon), Msgr George Riachi, arrived. He had celebrated the Holy Mass earlier that day (11 a.m.) in the patio of the house. He stayed half an hour next to the bed, praying. Before leaving, he confided to me: `Father, tell Myrna that I prayed intensely for her, and I have asked from Our Lord and the Virgin Mary to give Myrna the needed strength and courage in order for her to remain faithful to her mission, and to triumph against the temptations of the Devil.’

2. The oozing of oil from the Miraculous Icon

No one was able to see the actual oozing of oil that occurred very early Saturday morning. It was around 1:30 a.m., coinciding with the arrival of father Fadi Tabet from Beirut (Lebanon). We were all very happy to see the presence of oil in the glass cupola placed under the Icon, three drops of oil are suspended to its modest plastic base until today – April 21st .

This oozing occurred after a radical interruption of eleven years; that is, since the dawn of Easter 1990.

3. The ecstasy and Message of Holy Saturday, April 14th :

The ecstasy started at 2:15 p.m.: Myrna’s face and hands were suddenly covered with oil. She was in the patio singing with the crowd. She was then taken to her bed. After several long and painful minutes of evident eye irritations, she entered in a state of ecstasy that lasted thirty-five minutes.

At the end of the ecstasy, Myrna told us that she saw the Holy Virgin and father Joseph Malouli -deceased on March 5th 2000. The Virgin Mary was holding her left hand while father Malouli, the right. Both of them took her towards Jesus. They were all bathing in a bright light, especially Jesus.

Jesus gave her the following message, transcribed by father Boulos (Paul) Fadel, message that I translated (into French) with the collaboration of the French and Arabic group of pilgrims that were present.

Among the large crowd that was present, medical doctors and the following priests were also present: Boulos Fadel, Fadi Tabet, Antoine Mousleh, Elias Francis, Joseph Besnier, Jean-Paul Devedeux and myself.

Please note that all the events of these past couple of days were videotaped by several cameraman from Denmark, Canada, Australia, France, Egypt, Lebanon, Tahiti and Syria.


Father Elias Zahlaoui- Damascus, 2001-04-22

Extracted from CHRETIENS MAGAZINE - No. 141 – PAGES 18-19 (France)

Translated by Association Notre-Dame-de-Soufanieh à Montréal (Canada)


* This is a translation of the original French text written by father Zahlaoui.