Message given to Myrna by Jesus Christ at Soufanieh on Holy Saturday, April 14th , 2001, at 2:50 PM.

“My children …
I have given you a sign for My glorification. Stay on your path, and I am with you.
Otherwise, I will close the gates of heaven in your faces.[1]
But here is Mother suffering … praying … saying to me: ‘O Lord, You are love in its totality!
And I say: ‘Do not despair, O Gate of Heaven, because I love them and I want them to respond to this love with giving.[2]
‘My children: Strive to see yourselves as you truly are, and to see the extent of your faithfulness in achieving the unity of heart among yourselves.
Adorn yourself with patience and wisdom. Don’t be afraid if you fail.
Stay firm in hope.
Trust Me. I will not abandon those who do My will.’
As for you, My daughter, be careful, and be armed with My grace.
Be patient, wise, and humble.
Offer up these pains with joy.
I have said to you, ‘Your pains will not last long.’
Look to Me. You shall find peace and rest.
It is I who strengthen you,
I who desert[3] you,
and I who pick you up
to lead you to the joy of heaven.
Persevere in prayer, and let your fasting be accompanied by meditation and solitude, and you will hear My voice in your heart.[4]
Trust Me. I will not abandon you, your family, or anyone who participated [5] with you
in My name [6] and for My sake.”

A true and faithful translation of the original Arabic text as transcribed from Myrna. (June 11th, 2001)

[1]The nearest English equivalent usage would perhaps be “to you”
[2](“bil ataa” in the Arabic text)
[3]Literally, “throw you” (“yulqiiki”)
[4]Literally, “inside you”
[5](“saahama” in the Arabic text)
[6](“ikraaman lii” in the Arabic text)