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Portugal (January 16th - 22nd )

The program included four conferences: two in Lisbon on 17 and 21 January, a third one in Coimbra on the 19th and a fourth one in Porto on the 20th. Each of these four conferences ended with abundant exudation of oil from Myrna's hands. The deep and simple faith of the Portuguese impressed us. Their country is rich in pilgrimage sites. However, Fatima remains, undoubtedly, the most beautiful and impressive one. We had the grace of celebrating several masses with numerous Portuguese priests in the Carmel in Coimbra, where Sister Lucie, one of the three visionnaries of Fatima, is living. A long profound interview was granted to us by the Carmelites, but it was impossible for us to see Sister Lucie, even during Mass, because she was bed-ridden.